My wife April and I were married in September of 2006. However, that is not where our journey begins. Not long after April and I started dating, she found out that I was in financial ruin. I had been making a decent income but had been spending it faster than I could earn it. My new home that I purchased a year prior, was about to be foreclosed. I had missed several payments. My pride and guilt wouldn't allow me to reach out for help, and I really didn't know what to do. I had never been taught how to handle money, so I did what so many do, I filed for bankruptcy. Looking back now, I know that filing was the quick fix, but not the real solution. Once April found out just how bad my finances were, she could have and probably should have ran as fast as possible in the opposite direction. Instead, she looked past my faults and chose to stick it out with me and fix the mess I had created.


























A year after our wedding, we began having a lot of money fights. Then out of the blue, I remembered that we were given a book and cd set called "The My Total Money Makeover," by Dave Ramsey. I started listening to the cd's every day to and from work and quickly became awakened to what the bible has to say about money. From there, April and I both began incorporating Dave's principles into our money management and our marriage. We soon became extremely motivated to pay off our debts. Within the first year, we had paid off $60,000 in debts. We paid off our credit cards, two vehicle loans, student loans, and a Harley Davidson. We were finally free from the bondage of consumer debts! We have been living the principles of Dave's plan since 2007.


 Then in 2011, we made another mistake by building our dream home, all while keeping our current home as a rental property. BAD IDEA!! By the end of 2013, our renters had left and we were stuck holding the bag on both mortgages. We tried as long as we could to pay both and even attempted to reduce the rent and pay the difference. Nothing seemed to work. We finally decided to short-sale the property. As upsetting as it was to go from being debt free to short selling our home, we felt that we needed to cut our losses before it started draining our incomes and causing us to lose our dream home. Since the short-sale, we've once again become debt free and intend on staying that way for the rest of our lives. We recently taught Financial Peace University at our church and were able to help several families get started on their debt free journey. It was through helping those families that I realized that God had been directing me towards a mission of financial coaching. I'll say this, it's a lot easier getting into debt than it is getting out. But the journey is well worth the effort. GOD BLESS!