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Taking Care of your 4 Walls

Every purchase we make should leave us full of joy. If buying something later ends in sorrow you have to ask yourself, "Was this a good purchase?" That answer is probably no. But why are we left feeling sorrowful? Was the item too expensive? Was it not needed? Did you impulse buy? Or were you trying to compete with a purchase made by a friend?

Regardless of the answer to these questions, you have to stop and ask yourself, did making this purchase hinder me from making the bills this month?

Creating a budget that includes categories for shopping and leisure activities will give you the permission that you've been waiting for. That's right, I said it. A category for shopping!! After all, if you're gonna do it, why not have a plan and be intentional about it. It's better to plan ahead and know that your four walls (food, clothing, transportation, and shelter) are covered. Once you've taken care of these four categories, all the rest is simply a game of chess with your money. No one is threatening to take your house, or repossess your car because you busted your budget at the mall. At the end of the day, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that you made a decision to put your priorities first and your wants second. If you've been been one to put together a budget or are just horrible with the number crunching, maybe it's time to consider our concierge services. Let us do all the budgeting and bill paying, and the only thing you have to do is follow our plan. We'll help you eliminate your debts, put money in savings, as well as plan for the future. Follow the link below to find out more details.

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